Okinawa Sites: The Southeast Botanical Gardens

            Okinawa is in addition to then total of pretties in addition to wonderful things to do, in addition to sometimes the most underrated places are the best. If you lot similar nature, petting animals, in addition to organic food, the Southeast Botanical Gardens is for you.

            I recommend going to this garden for lunch. The bundle toll for dejeuner in addition to garden admittance is ¥2,500. At the Peace Restaurant you lot tin sack sink your teeth into traditional Okinawan nutrient similar Sus scrofa feet, inward add-on to Japanese cuisine similar shabu shabu. Most of the nutrient items are organic in addition to at that spot are enough of vegetarian friendly options. They too brand fresh juices for your palatal pleasure!  

            If you lot brand a reservation, enquire for the seats inward the dorsum of Peace in addition to then you lot tin sack instruct a lovely thought of the garden. After all, there’s null similar dejeuner in addition to a view. Summer inward Okinawa is incredibly hot; therefore, visiting the gardens during belatedly Oct is prime.

            Have you lot always seen a capybara? It’s the largest rodent inward the basis in addition to in all likelihood the friendliest giant rat around. They receive got webbed feet, experience similar hay, in addition to whorl over similar a domestic dog in addition to then you lot tin sack rub their belly. For ¥100 you tin sack purchase cabbage to feed the capybaras in addition to squirrel monkeys. While the capybaras are calm in addition to collected, the monkeys are not. Be aware they volition jump on you lot in addition to it tin sack last alarming.
            I promise your selfie game is rigid because they volition dig through your cabbage cup, in addition to amongst their precise fingers, catch the breadstuff crumbs. You don’t receive got rattling long until they deed onto their side past times side victim in addition to then last quick! Even though I’m giving fair warning, null compares to the experience of this soft fuzzy animate existence leaping on your shoulders. It’s definitely unexpected in addition to you lot don’t come across it coming.

            I definitely felt a lot of fuzz brushing against the side of my aspect upwards piece they were sitting on my shoulders in addition to running downward my arms.

            As for the capybara, this gentle beast volition slow come upwards up to you lot in addition to hold off to munch on the cabbage. All free items should last set away because the capybara could swallow it in addition to the monkeys mightiness receive got it.

            While the capybaras in addition to squirrel monkeys are the best, the goats in addition to pigs are too friendly in addition to welcome treats. The fourth dimension I went, at that spot was fifty-fifty a competitor to advert the piglets. What I enjoyed most well-nigh the gardens is at that spot isn't hoards of people around. You tin sack easily savour a stroll without the crowds. This house is amazing for friends, household unit of measurement or social events!

           If you're interested inward the Southeast Botanical Gardens, see their website here. They offering guidance inward Chinese, English linguistic communication in addition to Korean. Their staff in addition to friendly in addition to tin sack verbalise English. Check out my video below of what you lot tin sack hold off at this delightful place! :D

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