End Of The Twelvemonth Musings

            As the yr comes to an end, nosotros all ponder events of the previous yr together with expect where nosotros are now. Recently, I did a photograph album for my parents (shhhhh don't tell them!) together with it's hard believe, inward ane brusk year, I had done then much. 
2013 started alongside saltation inward Okinawa—the commencement prefecture for the blooming of sakura. While witnessing cherry blossoms peak their pinkish heads from a wintertime sleep together with thinking virtually my ain rebirth from the shadows of my onetime self, I began to deed forward. I allow teach of a toxic human relationship together with was educate to own got the journeying together with figure out me. 
After a long solar daytime of sakura appreciation
For to a greater extent than inward special on driving inward Nihon the commencement fourth dimension together with dear stories, banking concern fit out my previous weblog entries Rejection inward Love inward Okinawa together with Pizza inward the Sky together with Cherry Blossoms inward Motobu.
February brought me into my commencement pace of adulthood every bit I bought my really commencement car. Yes, a automobile all my ain that I bought alongside my ain money! I explored the Peace Park together with fifty-fifty had my commencement ladies nighttime out inward Naha.  
Let me innovate to you, my car, Bugambilia!
March taught me how to state goodbye to people I cared about. H5N1 lesson of import because I wouldn't remain on Okinawa forever together with ane day, it would endure my plow to leave. Farewells are never easy.  
A really ALT Halloween!
Okinawa is gorgeous together with I ventured to Isle of Miyakojima Spring Break Bash and Ishigaki for a weekend on the beach together with fun inward the sun. I explored the Isle of Ie Jima together with climbed a “mountain” together with remembered fallen countrymen together with Japanese inward WWII battles. Tokashiki brought the JETs together for a welcome party.  
JET Welcome Party inward Tokashiki
My passport allowed access into Taiwan where I experienced the magic of my immature pump at go inward a mountainous, clear, natural land. I conquered the Wulai River twice together with enjoyed costless hot springs. 
Didn't yous know? Everything is amend inward yukata!
I was privileged plenty to venture Tokyo every bit I was selected every bit a Tokyo Orientation Assistant together with go all the places on my bucket listing such every bit Odaiba, Shibuya, Roppongi, Shinjuku, Harajuku, together with many more! I fifty-fifty sank my fangs into Chicago means pizza inward Kanda.  
With my principal squeezes at Moon Beach inward Onna Village.
God was proficient to me every bit I embarked to Osaka, Kyoto, together with Nara. He’s fifty-fifty blessed me alongside a trip to Hong Kong together with Macau—two unlike countries to teach on my passport! 
Tanabata (Star Festival) inward Osaka
I was fifty-fifty able to experience my commencement military machine ball together with commence the launch of my YouTube channel, . Subscribe, share, together with teach out comments! 
Birthday memories
For me, 2013 brought some other yr on the JET Program. It was a yr of smashing personal growth, friends, household unit of measurement together with traveling. During this year, I lived for the moments that took my breath away, the memories I would never forget, together with the incredible people I met along my journey. Remember to alive inward the minute together with bask it because ane day, yous volition expect back, together with you’ll endure able to say, “I was living inward the proficient times.”
Family Picture. ;)

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