My Nephew, Chicagoland Jets, As Well As I'm Going To Okinawa!

          Saturday, June 23, 2012 was the biggest twenty-four sixty minutes catamenia of my family. My beautiful, wonderful nephew, Miachel Anthony was born. He’s all ready stolen my pump as well as I honey him then much. <3 Congratulations to my cousin. Miachel is a parcel of joy!

          Dominicus was a large twenty-four sixty minutes catamenia for me hither on the reason side. Not exclusively did I bring a wonderful fourth dimension inwards Chicago amongst my swain departing Chicagoland JETs, precisely nosotros besides learned well-nigh Japanese civilization as well as what to hold back piece over there. 

         What I flora terrifying well-nigh the mainland are the poisonous Mukade centipedes amongst difficult exoskeletons. They bring plenty venom to kill modest children as well as if y'all are bitten anywhere from the breast up, y'all bring to crush out the toxicant as well as acquire to the hospital. The venom volition crusade everything to dandy as well as bound the air current to your air current pipes causing an untimely conclusion. 

         How to kill Mukade: Set them on burn or boil them. Send a message to their friends non to invade your home. 

        I in conclusion know what hamlet I volition move residing in. Okinawa volition move my home! 

        I’m exclusively a 15 infinitesimal bicycle ride away from the beach as well as my predecessor informed me if I desire to larn to surf, I tin respect many surfers willing to instruct me. Badminton is a favorite sport over in that place which happens to operate inwards my favor. I've been playing since I was xiv years old! I was told I'd move quite popular, every bit the vice regulation as well as the other teachers are avid badminton players. 

         I'm nigh the capitol city, Naha, as well as Okinawa City. I bring the luxury of the lush greenish of the North combined amongst the urban nitty-gritty life of the south.

         Konichiwa as well as welcome to beautiful Okinawa.   


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