Aka In Addition To Geruma, Naha Tug Of War, Volume Debauchery

            When the 3 twenty-four hr menstruation weekend of Oct 8th placed itself upon students as well as teachers, the challengers rose to reckon how many activities could endure accomplished inward a 3 twenty-four hr menstruation span.
Copious amounts of booze, majority debauchery, as well as chaos ensued. I’m non talking most the bad type of chaos, mores o, the skillful variety where 1 starts thinking, “Man that shit was crazy, nosotros could never repeat that again.”
Friday began alongside yaki niku inward Naha. For those who produce non know yaki niku, it is where 1 orders dissimilar cuts of meat as well as proceeds to grill the meat as well as vegetables over a charcoal fire. I’m commonly non a large meat eater, merely I must confess yaki niku was delicious. For the event, I fifty-fifty brought my friend Sam from Kadena to experience JET life.
At yaki niku, C.A.N. was born. Dem chicken nuggets, dat alcohol, dat nudity! H5N1 frequent aspect forthwith used past times myself as well as others that are inward on the joke. 
I receive got concluded every skillful nighttime inward Naha ends at The Eager Beaver or inward a Tour de Lawson’s (Lawson’s is a convenience store). I detect when JETs produce a Tour de Lawson’s mortal needs to a greater extent than chicken, to a greater extent than drink, or to utilization the facilities.
Going to The Beaver was a slap-up life selection because nosotros played Black Jenga as well as Saiyuri, our lovely Japanese friend, translated the hard kanji on the blocks for us. 
In the morning, I would move to Aka where nosotros would run across a swain JET on Geruma. Another friend joined  as well as I couldn’t receive got been to a greater extent than thankful. She arranged a ferry ticket waiting listing for 10 am later the nine am ferry was sold out.
As a joke as well as worried nosotros wouldn’t learn tickets, I offered to trip the low-cal fantastic the sensational Gangnam Style move. Bystanders who understood English linguistic communication chuckled at my antics as well as when the 9:30 am telephone vociferation upwards came for tickets, us 3 lovely ladies were attain priority!
Thus began my outset ferry ride to an outer isle of Okinawa. Now permit me tell you, places similar Aka as well as Geruma are islands I detect inward a even volume or on a post service card—not inward existent life. To absorb the natural as well as the beauty was an experience of a lifetime. 
Upon arrival on Aka nosotros rented bikes. Biking was slap-up practise for my thighs merely because Aka as well as Geruma are thus hilly, I recommend renting a scooter.
We snorkeled on an Aka beach. The sights from Aka snorkeling weren’t the to the lowest degree fleck comparable to snorkeling on mainland Okinawa. On Aka, the fish were to a greater extent than brightly as well as multi colored. I fifty-fifty swam alongside Angelfish as well as encountered fish bigger than my torso.  
Since landing inward Okinawa, I’ve taken upwards the enjoyable as well as inexpensive hobby of snorkeling. I come upwards from Illinois where apartment terrain as well as filthy Lake Michigan reign. I experience privileged, every bit Okinawa’s marvels are known to a lucky few.
Hey gauge what? I alive on Okinawa as well as am a ferry ride away from this! ;)

You, I, the land, wind, as well as sea.
I receive got been making cultural realizations during my remain inward Okinawa. Many don’t know this, merely Japanese people are incredibly shy. Men as well as women don’t run across as well as converse freely exterior of events were alcohol is present.
This beingness said, patch on Geruma, Mike’s Sports Day Festival took house on Sabbatum at his uncomplicated school.  For them, it was exciting to run across ALTs from other schools. We ate sashimi as well as drank beer inward celebration of a Sports Day Festival good done. I don’t sympathise most Japanese unless it is spoken really tardily as well as fifty-fifty then, I tin john entirely pick out a few words. 
When at that spot is alcohol present, I experience that everyone speaks a universal language.
Saturday nighttime consisted of joke telling, Awamori, beer, dancing, as well as karaoke. I had a nail alongside Mike’s coworkers! I fifty-fifty met a daughter called Natsume that goes past times the nickname, “Clever Nuts.” Note the multiple meanings.
I fifty-fifty lit fireworks as well as went on a midnight walk.

Sunday afternoon was spent jumping off the pier. The H2O was thus clear you lot could reckon to the bottom as well as it was a refreshingly cool agency to escape the bold afternoon sun. We fifty-fifty went kayaking as well as barbarous multiple times as well as fifty-fifty played 2 fingers as well as 2 toes, a made upwards game.
After a lovely afternoon, the ferry awaited to accept us dorsum to mainland Okinawa, where the biggest tug of nation of war inward the Blue Planet (Guinness Book of World Records style) took house inward Naha. I didn’t accept purpose inward the tug of nation of war merely I receive got a large slice of rope to demo for it. (Now, it is proudly displayed inward my living room.) Okinawans nation the rope brings skillful luck. Bring me luck, oh large rope!
I met upwards alongside 2 swain JETs as well as friends, where nosotros institute ourselves inward the Orion Beer tent as well as sitting on the pavement exterior the tent because at that spot were no seats. Again, The Beaver became a goal patch nosotros Gangnam Styled all through Naha streets as well as on the monorail. 
At the Beaver, nosotros met 2 random Japanese girls as well as went to a fellowship called Fantasy Space. Imagine that. We ended upwards at a fellowship called Fantasy Space of all places! I spent the residue of the nighttime fighting off idiot Jarheads as well as trying to learn my trip the low-cal fantastic on (and fifty-fifty having a mishap of falling upwards the stairs).
On Monday, retail therapy was much inward bespeak as well as nosotros spent purpose of the twenty-four hr menstruation at BB Beach doing T-Rex hands because the H2O was thus cold.
A weekend good earned as well as activities good accomplished!  

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