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Hello everyone! I’ve been on quite a hiatus lately. With a novel schoolhouse year, my workload has doubled; however, I uncovering myself to live a really happy ALT every bit I interact to a greater extent than amongst the kids. I’m besides pleased to denote I lastly direct keep an English linguistic communication Club again! Enough most my schoolhouse life, I’m certain you lot desire to know what’s novel on .

Drum whorl please! 

Gina Bear inwards Nippon has besides added a navigation bar to brand looking through my spider web log much to a greater extent than accessible in addition to enjoyable. 

But, wait! There’s more! 

I am pleased to denote I volition immediately live accepting submissions! The variety of submissions I am looking for are:
1.      Your experiences, challenges, or joys of living abroad
2.      Long Distance Love
3.   Interracial Relationships 
4.      Short Stories on Living Abroad
5.      Love Letters
6.      Poems
7.      Pictures 
8.   Other--> Since I spider web log all over the place, why shouldn't you? This department covers everything inwards between. 

1.      Write a story from scratch or edit i of your previously published spider web log posts.
2.      Your stories should live betwixt 500 in addition to 1,500 words. 
3.      You may include upward to half-dozen pictures you lot ain the rights to, are of you, or that you lot direct keep taken.

Send the completed post together with:
  • a championship
  • your 500-1,500 give-and-take post
  • your pictures 
  • a bio (optional)
  • up to 2 sites you lot would similar me to link to inwards the article (optional)
Submit past times E-mail to: ginabearsblog@gmail.com
Sumber https://ginabearsblog.blogspot.com

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