Getting Stolen Away Past Times A Hunky Italian Together With [Attempting To] Remain Relevant Inward Macau

        Macau undoubtedly takes the cake every bit my favorite appear of my trip to Hong Kong. As an ex colony of Portugal, the 2 official languages are Portuguese together with Chinese. Because I tin lavatory read Castilian together with Italian, Portuguese is similar together with I was excited to non hold upwards illiterate. Despite Portuguese every bit an “official” language, most people utter Chinese. If yous would similar to meet footage of Keri together with my shenanigans, click here!
            Since Macau is a province (even though it’s an SAR of the People’s Republic of China) yous must go past times through immigration. I felt cheated because Hong Kong together with Macau don’t postage your passport—instead, they impress out slips. On the vivid side, at to the lowest degree my travels are digitally recorded?  
After immigration from the ferry port, Keri together with I took a gratis shuttle to the Venetian—a hotel, shopping mall, together with casino. This massive shopping mall sections a canal where people tin lavatory conduct maintain gondola rides through a Venice trend street… together with of course of pedagogy conduct maintain Dean Martin romantic ballads accompany their boat ride past times the gondola driver. (Is that what a somebody who steers a gondola is called?)
            Never having been to Venice this was a phenomenal Italy away from Italy. While everything is duty free, it is even together with then expensive. Being a pocket-size civil retainer of the authorities together with making a pocket-size salary, everything was means out of my cost range. 
          As a sucker for Victorian Literature together with anything laid upwards inward it, I felt whisked away past times the Venetian masqueraders exterior the hotel. As if out of a flick I was most stolen away by... What's that? Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 hunky Italian?
Please conduct maintain me away, oh mysterious Italian man!

The Cotai strip is where all the casinos, hotels, together with malls are, hence it makes a playground for the rich together with famous. Example, Hana Yori Dango or Boys Over Flowers, the Korean drama version. Three episodes were filmed at that spot together with when I returned from Hong Kong, I had an awful mutual coldness which I drowned out laying inward bed together with watching this drama. Every house featured inward the drama I had been to together with I felt together with then nostalgic. If yous desire a expert stance without cheesy go channel, hold upwards certain to immerse your encephalon inward episodes 13-16.
Winter Wonderlands on the Cotai strip are impressive because they conduct maintain everything similar a Venice trend carnival. There are lavatory twirlers, edifice dancers hanging from a rope, elegant clowns on stilts, opera singers, trip the low-cal fantastic performances, together with fifty-fifty a projector demo on the dorsum of the castle. 
On the to a greater extent than historic purpose of Macau, I discovered St. Paul’s Cathedral was built past times Japanese Christians inward exile. Although the church building burned downward inward 1835, the front end remains, every bit practice the beautiful carvings together with statues. I also went to the Guia Fortress which is the highest betoken inward Macau. The Fortress offers a fantastic stance of the bay together with city. Since the European together with Asian cultures intertwine, at that spot were also shrines alongside historic characters.  
I flora him at the Guia Fortress. Don't yous wanna hold upwards his friend?
Apparently, what happens inward Macau, never leaves Macau merely whatever expert determination inward a Chinese Vegas involves a Colombian David Spade, his side kick, together with a bottle of vodka, right?
Stay tuned for my side past times side postal service on Hong Kong… The eats, the drinks, together with the best. 

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