Tokashiki: Give-Up The Ghost A Leaky, Poke A Tiki, Smoke A Freaky!

         Last year, the official JET welcome political party was postponed in addition to hence cancelled due to bad weather, otherwise known equally typhoons. I was hence excited this twelvemonth because the conditions had been cooperating… For the most part.
          A typhoon slammed Taiwan in addition to equally a resultant Okinawa felt the backlash creating large waves in addition to immense rainfall.
JETs enjoying fun inward the sun!
           Determined JETs, unbroken faith, in addition to high spirits laid upward us upon a ferry on Sun forenoon for Tokashiki. Picture a bluish hence aqua, human being could never recreate the meshing of colors that contrast hence perfectly, alone Mother Nature could convey crafted such elegance. Being the trendsetter I am, I went into the sea alongside large waves in addition to started jumping them.
My logic was, “Awe! This is nothing. I’ve jumped shit higher than this is Mexico.”
          Since nosotros paved the way, other JETs followed adapt in addition to seeing our enjoyment, many bystanders on the beach joined the excitement alongside tubes.
Bye , bye, sun!
Thanks to our official political party planners, Tom in addition to Aaron, things ran smoothly from camping ground dry reason reservations to yakiniku.
Yakiniku is in all probability ane of the best inventions known to man. One is provided alongside thinly sliced meat placed over a little charcoal grill on the table. Meat is grilled to the griller’s discretion in addition to served to everyone at the table. In improver to meat, spaghetti, beer, fried chicken, in addition to a kimchi stir modest were likewise provided.
After dinner, nosotros returned to the military camp site for games, festivities, in addition to drunken debauchery. I managed to drunkard climb a colina alongside a fantastic thought in addition to and hence pass fourth dimension on the beach. Night or day, there’s something magical virtually the illumination of the Luna on the ocean’s waves.
The sand on Tokashiki was hence soft, I felt similar I was walking on a pillow. Like most days, they come upward to an terminate in addition to nosotros had to state goodbye to paradise in addition to become dorsum to the city.
Tokashiki, I shall render for you, my love.


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