Okinawa Sights: Shuri Castle

            Shuri Castle—one of Okinawa’s psyche attractions. Time has non been sort to this magnificent building. According to history, the castle has been burned to the Blue Planet 4 times throughout its existence. The final fourth dimension Shuri Castle was demolished was during The Battle of Okinawa inwards World War II.
            The entirely purpose of the master copy edifice remaining is the foundation straight below. To protect the history, the novel castle was built 15 centimeters inwards a higher house the ruins.
            Okinawa was in 1 trial the Ryukyu Kingdom alongside its ain civilisation in addition to traditions. The isle language, Uchinaguchi is unique to the Ryukyu people, who derived purpose of their civilisation in addition to architecture from ancient China. 
The throne room was the highlight of my trip
            My favorite purpose of the tour was the beautiful dragons strategically placed making the castle expect incredibly majestic. One tin run across dragon statues at the top of the castle. Shuri Castle is painted crimson in addition to has ii Shisa on the front end doors to protect the castle. In front end of the Shisa, 1 tin behold ii pillars alongside adorning golden dragons.
The Shisa came to Okinawa from China in addition to they are ordinarily seen inwards pairs. This animate existence is a cross betwixt a king of beasts in addition to a dog. Shisa are placed inwards front end of houses or buildings to run past times away along evil spirits out in addition to protect the inhabitants.  
I recommend, every bit a tourist, to pay the ¥800 to become within in addition to tour the castle. When walking through the castle, my companions in addition to I had an enjoyable experience. To honour Japanese culture, nosotros removed our shoes in addition to carried them some piece spectating all iii floors of the castle. 
I learned Ryukyu royalty wore many layers of article of apparel every bit a sign of status. Knowing how hot in addition to humid Okinawa is, I began to intend most how the royalty stayed cool. Since the castle is made of wood, it keeps the within cooler. Problem solved. 
As a tourist, I would every bit good similar to convey to attending the wonderful gardens some the castle. They are definitely worth a look! Mike, Taylor, in addition to I went to a sort of solid inwards the middle of a pond. The sight was breath taking every bit nosotros enjoyed the cool breeze in addition to watched the turkey ducks quack.      


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