Tokyo Orientation Assistant: My Best Jet Sense Yet!

          One twelvemonth ago, I was a wide-eyed college graduate develop to embark on my get-go journeying to own a build novel life inward Japan. I clearly recall watching the JET Welcome video in addition to learning most Tokyo Orientation Assistants (TOA) in addition to their roles inward helping novel JETs transition smoothly into Tokyo in addition to into their novel prefectures.
          This year, I was selected every bit a TOA in addition to illustration of my gorgeous host prefecture, Okinawa. I was in i lawsuit over again enveloped past times a sense of pride for the prefecture I alive inward in addition to how my identity has since changed from a twelvemonth ago. Coming into Japan, I identified myself every bit a 22 twelvemonth quondam college graduate of Illinois State University, an English linguistic communication major, in addition to a fille living her dream. I was the kouhai or underclassman.
          As a TOA, I was right away the senpai or upperclassman JET novel comers looked to for guidance. I felt similar a celebrity as new JETs took pictures of me in addition to listened intently to instructions I gave. My identity was the teacher, an actual JET who had the sense in addition to for me that bore keen pride in addition to responsibility.  
Game Face ON!

          During my fourth dimension every bit TOA, I manned the Hospitality Center in addition to Information Desk. I spoke to eager JETs in addition to fifty-fifty though my move was tiring, the unloosen energy these jetlagged JETs gave was incredible in addition to kept me going through the long hours inward a draw of piece of job organization suit. While I was a TOA, I forged friendships amongst wonderful JETs from other prefectures. TOA is an honour in addition to the JETs selected are the cream of the crop. We are the best of the best.
We pick out class.

          When my JET sense ends, I volition await fondly on becoming an honorary Kiwi (New Zealander), barely sleeping, having a romantic breakfast amongst my roommate, reuniting amongst JETs I departed amongst from Chicago, getting excited for the newbies at the airport, in addition to working amongst incredible people.
          Heck, I know I’ll definitely retrieve burritos at Frijoles inward Roppongi in addition to having an Okiyama nighttime out . Even now, every bit I write this, it brings a grin to my face.

Looking spiffy at the Welcome Reception.

          I even in addition to then stand upwards past times my comment: “It was an honour to move amongst in addition to then many gifted people.”

Chicago departees!

          My favorite purpose of the orientation was coming together my prefecture in addition to they are a keen group. Okinawa is fortunate to pick out every bit wonderful teachers every bit the ones nosotros received inward Group B.

Our lovely novel OkiJETs! Welcome to Okinawa, everyone!


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