One upsetting activity my high schoolhouse inward Okinawa takes is the particular twenty-four lx minutes menstruum off or particular “Nenkyu” Okinawans are allowed during Obon. I talked to a few teachers too I was told foreigners too primary province Japanese were non allowed this particular day. 
Eisa: a trip the lite fantastic for the ancestors during Obon
I uncovering this incredulous. Never inward my life had I been subjected to blatant discrimination until final yr when I encountered this for the commencement time. I know most Okinawans don’t consider it that way, exactly permit me to explain. For instance, what if said mortal who told me I was non allowed the twenty-four lx minutes menstruum off (when at that topographic point is absolutely no i inward the office) was inward America? The Fourth of July is an American holiday, no?
How would this mortal experience if they came to America too their employer said, “You can’t own got the Fourth of July off because you’re non American?” I imagine they would experience pretty awful sitting inward the component lonely or doing operate whilst all their American counterparts enjoyed a twenty-four lx minutes menstruum off. This happened to me final yr too I didn’t own got the courage to write almost it then, so I volition now.  
The reasoning behind this particular twenty-four lx minutes menstruum of Nenkyu is because Okinawans own got to live on abode on the final twenty-four lx minutes menstruum of Obon every bit it is the most of import day. This twenty-four lx minutes menstruum is when Okinawan families transportation their ancestors dorsum to the other side.
Okinawan reasoning is that I am non Okinawan so I don’t own got to live on abode to consider my ancestors off, hence the reasoning why I don’t become the twenty-four lx minutes menstruum off similar my Okinawan colleagues.
            My dearest readers, what create you lot think? Comments too opinions welcome!  

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