Modern Lavatory Cafe, Taipei

MTC decor
        One of the most innovative in addition to creative cafes I conduct keep visited is the Modern Toilet Café (MTC) inward the Xinmending shopping district of Taipei. Writing nigh this café does no jurist because y'all conduct keep to sense it alongside your ain eyes to fully relish its splendor. MTC is iii stories tall in addition to y'all tin forcefulness out spot it a mile away because a giant lavatory is protruding from the building. Going within the café 1 is greeted past times a really cute poop in addition to toilets. 
Outside of the cafe
            My friends in addition to I walked upwardly the stairs where nosotros were seated at a table. The chairs were lavatory seats in addition to the décor were vibrant lavatory topographic point covers in addition to urinals. On shelves were toilets alongside pretend plastic poop inward them.
            The nutrient at the modern lavatory café is served inward western trend toilets in addition to eastern trend toilets. It really is a sight to behold when receiving H2O ice cream inward a lavatory bowl. To order, the server gives the client a carte du jour in addition to y'all banking venture represent off the desired items. Then, the client goes downstairs in addition to pays for the meal.
 The server thus brings the client said items. I ordered a drinkable because I did non wishing to pass coin on nutrient I heard wasn’t that good.
            For whatsoever tourist, this is an ideal house to conduct keep utilisation in. Don’t knock it until y'all endeavor it in addition to dissimilar experiences are neat to have. I highly recommend the MTC!   

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