Osaka, Japan

           Two months ago, it was decided June birthdays should go celebrated inward 1 heck of a political party town. In Japan, move is cheap as long every bit you lot know where to look. My friends together with I flew on Peach Airlines because the toll is rattling cheap; however, fair warning, you lot acquire what you lot pay for.
From Naha, Peach flew us into Kansai International Airport, Osaka. Unfortunately, Peach was delayed 2 hours together with nosotros were non able to accept the develop unopen to our hostel. Instead nosotros took a jitney for ¥1,500 together with so a taxi to Hotel Mikado.
I’ve stayed at 2 hostels hence far, together with Hotel Mikado has an A+ for service, location (a 4 infinitesimal walk from the JR station), together with price. For 1 room split upwardly between four girls the cost was ¥2,700.  
As a Chicagoan, I felt drawn to Osaka, every bit the weather condition is quite similar. Did you lot know Chicago together with Osaka are sis cities? I definitely felt at home. Osaka has a large collection of replicated fine art from the Art Institute inward Chicago. So, swain Chicagoans, I beseech you lot to indulge!
Namba, the catch of Osaka, is known for shopping, food, together with nightlife. I recommend trying takoyaki (octopus balls) together with okonomiyaki (noodle together with vegetable pancake). This district features shopping together with stores similar H&M together with Forever 21. For whatsoever foreigner living inward Japan, these stores are a godsend because they lead maintain clothes inward larger sizes. At H&M, I constitute a multitude of summertime dresses costing solely ¥500. Thanks, wonderful stores, I directly lead maintain a plethora of clothes to concluding me the long Okinawa summer.
After shopping all day, I wore my political party clothes together with allow loose. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 give-and-take of advice to all travelers inward Osaka: steer clear of the izakayas. They are expensive, the drinks are not alcoholic together with the nutrient is atrocious. You’re improve off finding a sit down downwardly eating seat alongside typical Osaka nutrient than an izakaya.
For bars together with black clubs, I recommend The HUB British Pub. Drinks are expensive, merely at that spot is a large selection. After hanging out, us ladies went to bask the social club scene. We tried to acquire inward Club Pure, merely the bouncer wouldn’t allow us inward because nosotros weren’t wearing heels. Most places don’t plough away unusual women every bit they select inward men to purchase drinks. I don’t recommend Pure, rather, Sam together with Dave’s Club is on the make off of my list. Women acquire inward gratuitous together with when you lot play your cards right, drinks are gratuitous every bit well. I met a bar tender from Chicago together with he kept feeding me gratuitous tequila shots. 
As usual, nosotros finished off the black at McDonald’s together with went to slumber for iii hours. Later that day, nosotros explored Osaka Castle together with learned the history of the region. The castle was incredibly beautiful. Located roughly the castle are concessions roughly for food, H2O ice cream, together with drink. 
Walking roughly the park, nosotros discovered the Star (Tanabata) Festival is July 7th. Dreamers write their wishes on newspaper together with necktie them to a tree hoping they volition come upwardly true! I wrote mine inward Castilian together with I saw wishes written inward High German every bit well! I promise to provide to Osaka inward the future!        

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