Tokyo Tourist Map: Nagaoka Fireworks

As the Joestsu Line made its agency through the backbone of southern Uonuma Valley I could feel the festival mood growing on the train.  People, mainly backpackers, were drinking beer in addition to getting carried away inwards drunken revelry.   I didn't permit that spoil the watch of rural Japan.   Well.  I was a petty tipsy too.

So I finally made it upward to come across the greatest fireworks display on planet earth.    How create you lot estimate a fireworks show?   Some people entirely estimate the technical merits, or how good the bursts were executed.
Another agency would live how good music is choreographed alongside the bursts.    Location is around other agency of how to estimate the amount performance, only this is my ain opinion.

Of course of report over a river or a dry out bed is the best place, only how virtually along the Shinano River inwards an amphitheater similar surrounding where you lot tin relish 180 aeroplane views of bomb shells going off inwards the nighttime sky.

From left to correct you lot could come across fireworks existence shot upward into the nighttime sky.   It was beautiful.

These were huge shells 36"!  The heaven lit upward the nighttime heaven inwards dazzling white alongside Ayumi Hamasaki blaring from the speakers which sent echoes through out the whole park.    It was magical.   Then Vivaldi was adjacent upward on musical choices which elevated this fireworks present to the stars.

My drinking buddies had a blast.   I loved these electrical Japanese fans that they were carrying.

This in conclusion video was the finale in addition to it was amazing!   You haven't seen a fireworks present until you've seen the 1 inwards Nagaoka.


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