Tokyo Tourist Map: Dreamy Tunnel Vision: The Route Less Travelled

Through my mind’s oculus I tin encounter inwards tunnel vision.   I knew I had to become upwards 1 time again this time, to my snowfall kingdom filled alongside hot jump spas together with tasty lilliputian treats.  I know I could imbibe alongside the Gods upwards at that spot together with revel inwards their many bountiful pleasures.   Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 mutual depression temperature snowfall province alongside warm charms is what Tohoku is near for me.   After leaving Nikko behind I knew my eyes would live blessed alongside this view.   You see, it didn't snowfall the whole agency upwards from Tokyo until I got through this final tunnel.

I dearest how from Tokyo, when the commuter prepare is total of vacationers, together with I tin say where most of the people are headed to, only past times guessing their ages.  Maybe they are  on their agency somewhere to some gorgeous opor-garai that they saw on a T.V. program.  Japan is notorious for parcel opor-garai tours.   There’s a parcel for everything inwards this province past times locomote agencies that promote all the same materials near where to eat, sleep, together with sightsee.   As the prepare pulled upwards to Nikko Station the prepare emptied out together with the only people left were me together with a grouping of old-timers.   All the immature people unremarkably caput to Tochigi or Nikko to savour hot spas together with other wintertime activities.   Nobody ever heads to Yunokami Onsen, or thence it'd seemed.  

From Tokyo I tin attain Fukushima inwards near vi hours past times local rail, my preferred method of travel. It’s also cheaper.  Cost me near 3500 yen one-way.   We must non accept for granted the natural beauty from the prepare window because there’s thence much to live taken inwards only past times eyesight alone.    I believe nosotros ask to experience the outlay of the dry reason from every direction:  the air, the sea, the mountains, the rivers, together with valleys.    The liquid essence of rice love.

On this journeying  I decided on a whim to caput out to Fukushima it’s been a few years  since I was at that spot last.   I boarded the Tobu Line / Skytree together with grabbed a spot on the starboard side thence that I could encounter Tokyo Skytree through my window.     As the prepare snaked its agency through Sumida the Tokyo skyline was visible from all circular me on a beautiful sunny day.    The beauty of Tobu Line is that you lot start from the real pump of Tokyo together with terminate upwards somewhere inwards a countryside hot jump town.   I savour how the landscape changes through my window, peculiarly during autumn together with wintertime seasons.   After passing the Skytree the metropolis began to accept on a dissimilar shape for me.  Buildings became smaller together with less modern looking.   Eventually all I could encounter were miles together with miles of snowfall clad   rice  patties together with mount ranges every bit far every bit my eyes could see.   It was an absolutely gorgeous wintertime day.   

I fifty-fifty marched through the wintertime chill across frozen bridges together with tundra to tucked away hot spas similar at this spa inwards the picture.   I receive got e'er felt a special affinity to the rugged backwood of Japan, I dearest to become upwards only for the hot spas most of the time.    I bathed together with bathed drank together with drank copious amounts of delicious local rice brews.   I ate sumptuously together with slept similar a baby, only to repeat it all 1 time again the following day.   I dearest this lifestyle.  After arriving inwards Yunokami Onsen I decided to walk roughly to some of the costless baths there’s a human foot can following to the station.  As you lot maintain downward the icy roads you lot tin accept inwards the wintertime views of mountains together with streams.  

There was intermittent snowfalls through out the afternoon.   Sometimes the Sun would peak out from a cloud together with smooth downward on me, together with thence xx minutes after a hail of snowfall would pulverization everything roughly me.  This continued all day.
Tatenoyu Yunokami Onsen Fukushima
I savour how soft mutual depression temperature snowfall began to gently autumn downward over my caput together with neck. I could nonetheless experience the sun’s rays beam downward warm hues of fresh sunshine across my shoulders.   I could nonetheless odor the fresh coolness of pino mixed inwards alongside the sweetness aromas of hot steamy mineral H2O bubbling upwards from the hot jump beginning beside me.  

After leaving the placidity comforts of Tatenoyu behind, I headed over to some other spa alongside fantabulous views of snowfall together with trees.  I made my agency over to Shin-yu spa for a quick dip.   The cardinal to the backwoods of Nihon is learning how to savour day-use spa baths.   I e'er arrive my offset priority to see at to the lowest degree 3 baths a hateful solar daytime when out traveling around.   This hot jump can for me was epic, together with I loved the thought from the stone bath.

I loved how the warm release energy flowed out from this stone inclosure.  The H2O was a perfect 45 Degrees centigrade, only hot plenty to brand you lot become “aahhh—-ooohh!”  

What sets Yunokami Onsen apart from thence many other hot jump towns is the character of the H2O both tap together with onsen.   Most travelers function past times upwards the chance to explore the town on foot, together with lady friend out on the lilliputian hidden gems nestle deep inwards some mount gorge somewhere.  You know, the materials that never makes it on the locomote brochures.    As a certified onsen sommelier I exercise non approve of drinking alcohol of whatsoever variety when bathing inwards a hot spa.  However, I enjoyed several H2O ice mutual depression temperature beers together with sake piece bathing together with loved the liquid essence of both spa together with sake.   I was inwards heaven.  Combined!  The liver needs soaking too.

Of course of written report afterwards, to a greater extent than beer was necessary to cool my insides, thence I headed over to a local diner for some hot ramen together with H2O ice mutual depression temperature beer.  The veggies were grown upwards inwards the mountains wild, together with the ramen was made to perfection


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