Tokyo Tourist Map: How To fun and enjoy Bask Kamakura Role 18: Ennoji Temple 円応寺

Before reading this postal service lead maintain a hold off at this 4-minute video first.   It's inward Japanese, but you lot tin lav kind of larn the gist of what it is.   This is the King of Hell too is the main diety at Ennoji Temple inward Kamakura, Japan. ( fast forrad a fleck to run into the performance).

After enjoying that curt snippet, lead maintain a hold off at this adjacent one.  It's solely two minutes long.  The argue for the 2d video is to demo the rootage of the Emma.

Getting to this temple would live on alot easier if in that location were to a greater extent than signage along the main road.  After leaving Kennchoji Temple, you lot caput towards Kamakura, so,as you lot are walking, Kita-Kamakura should live on straight behind you lot too you lot are heading towards the key Kamakura side.   This temple volition live on on your correct manus side too upward a flying of stairs.  Ennoji was built 767 years agone too retains many of its master copy woods decor.  

As a forewarning, this temple has a strict "no photography" policy that they enforce, too thus no pictures...There are tourist that create snap a few sneaky ones. 

Welcome to the temple of the gods of hell!

What kind of tourist would taste this temple?

1) Somebody who loves woods art.
2) Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 pupil of the Vedic scriptures
3) All Hindu too Buddhist volition adore this temple
4) The history buff

The existent line for this temple is that you lot are allowed into the main hall where you lot tin lav admire beautifully carved woods statuettes of the 10 gods of hell!   Very good worth your piece to come upward here, you'll live on impressed amongst the details on the statuettes.    When you lot travel into the main hall start from the left too run your agency around slowly.

In Buddhist mythology, fourteen days afterward your decease a maiden yesteryear the shout out of Datsueba ( Da-tsu-e-ba) volition rip off your moisture clothes, whether you lot are guilty of sin or not.   [ Judeau Christrians lead maintain a dissimilar accept on what happens afterward death, but for the Buddhist, all men/women lead maintain to cross the Acheron River into the after-life. ]

( " There was no atonement for sin earlier Jesus Christ died, too thus everybody who died earlier expliation was sent to a type of purgatory, although it was non straight mentioned inward the Bible, in that location was a 3rd place.   Abraham, Enoc, Moses were all sent to this 3rd house until Christ expliated these men too was able to elevator them into heaven")   ( Additionally, all Buddhist who travel yesteryear through the Acheron River travel yesteryear into Purgatory yesteryear default until they have sentence for their sins, too thus purgatories create be exterior the translation of both the Christian too Catholic scriptures.  It but wasn't mentioned explicitly.    John the Baptist too Paul stayed out of Asia, too no reference were made straight almost going into Asia to spread the teachings of the Christ"). 

The outset manlike individual monarch of the underworld is called Shinko-ou who volition determine the path each soul takes.   The 2d king( Shoko-ou) volition guess people for stealing afterward they cross the river.  The 3rd king( Sotei-ou) volition guess the sins of lust.  the quaternary king( Gokan-ou) volition guess lies too selfishness too seven other sins.   The fifth manlike individual monarch ( Enma-ou)  is a ruling guess is the administrator of hell.  The sixth manlike individual monarch volition create upward one's hear the details of each souls life.   Taizan-ou is the seventh manlike individual monarch volition create upward one's hear how long your sentence volition be.   Byoudo-ou the eighth manlike individual monarch volition investigate how you lot died.  The Toshi-ou, ninth manlike individual monarch volition help on how to alive properly  through those living.   The end too tenth manlike individual monarch you lot volition live on admonished non to live on stupid.

Remember to larn some incense to laissez passer notice earlier too afterward you lot travel into the main hall.   You tin lav run into the whole temple inward almost xl minutes.   Enjoy.

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