Tokyo Tourist Map: For The Glory Of Sake

For the Glory of Sake

Couldn't assistance but honor the snarky remark the Japanese guy made sitting side past times side to me on my left.  " similar Japanese sake.   This is a Japanese drink.  I similar I like" he chided inward Japanese English.  He attempted to ease his paw on my balls, but I slapped it away.  "No shit, so why are you lot drinking ii fingers Jack-n-Coke" I retorted.   

I was requested to come upward too convey a sit down too drinkable lesson past times the possessor of the bar, who inward plough introduced me to this drunkard S.O.B.  And for a nominal fee I had to grit too bear the sickness of sitting side past times side to a stinky salary human being alongside a Black penis fetish for several hours piece appearing similar I was having the fourth dimension of my life.  I didn't desire to ruin it for my Jukujo matron too patron, so I behaved.  

I haven't been to a Japanese shrine inward a while, but whenever I become I ever pray too give thank you lot the Gods for the Japanese Jukujo.  I give thank you lot them for delivering me from the scourge of airheaded trivial she-men who create a dis-service to the gospel of Japanese sake, too you lot wonder why the younger generation convey a negative picture of their ain national drink.     Sake salvationist similar myself who stand upward inward the trenches to defend too protect Japanese sake from the sissiphication too the wapanization of Japanese sake, oft times become unnoticed.   I build also much sense, too so thence it must live wrong.  Same illness of the somebody you lot regard inward North America.  

In lodge for sake to live it has to live exported, repackaged, too re-branded overseas earlier it tin sack convey appeal at dwelling 1 time again - Japan.    It's similar this because saketeers too marketers convey dropped the ball.  They forgot to export the civilization of sake along alongside the sake, different inward the public of sushi where you lot convey "sushi police" who go around the public to depository fiscal establishment tally that sushi is beingness properly represented.   If you lot were to juxtapose that alongside sake, too see so-called sake bars you lot would rarely regard sake beingness served inward its natural form.  Most probable it volition live used inward cocktails or fruit juice chu-hi, too shots so that the yuppies tin sack look stuffy too sophisticated alongside their arm candy inward tow, too horrible Japanese pronunciation to boot.  

When I ready pes on Japanese soil years agone I vowed to struggle evils that would destroy the Japanese soul.   I am the somebody of Japan, non but a somebody inward Nippon too I convey a commitment to salvage what's left of sake's somebody too the somebody of the nation.    In all the years of my travels I convey learned from Japanese women, too some men, that sake has its ain essence.   I used to borrow my friend Japanese married adult woman too remain overnight alongside her inward my room too written report the ease of sake too Jukujo.   Like watching the drops of sake movement downwards her inner thigh too the deep aromatics from her perspiration blended inward alongside a dainty Junmai Dai-Ginjo.  

I 1 time did an all nude sake too onsen photograph shoot alongside 1 of my Niigata mommas (31 y.o) inward a  private outdoor bathroom inward Gosen, Niigata.   Since she was a pro-cyclist too junior olympian swimmer for years she had these well-toned too shapely thighs alongside  creamy white pare that accentuated her beautiful body.  A really too purely Japanese woman, fifty-fifty past times conservative Japanese standards.   In the backdrop were rolling hills too a lake inward the foreground.    When I positioned her nether the light that was side past times side to the border of the spa alongside the natural scenery inward the background, I had a god moment.  

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 quick suck on the nipples to build them stand upward up too the composition was perfect.   I took the shot.  I had her pour sake downwards those nipples piece I sucked too  swallowed the sake off of them.   The steam too mist from the hot bathroom mixed inward alongside the sake  created beautiful aromatics inward the water.   Had her spread them to unwrap it too worshipped at the alteration of vulva.   Enjoyed the smegma too saltines along alongside the cherry on the nose.  This is me, too a far cry from the bar scene inward the get-go paragraph.  God, deliver me from the scourge of ridiculous salarymen.  

As I convey stated previously, for a nominal fee I convey been instruction bar owners inward Kanagawa on how to serve too explicate Japanese sake inward English linguistic communication to unusual visitors.    They all know never to mix sake or become far into a wapanese drink.  Sake should live served inward a multifariousness of drinking ware.   First, avoid using an ochoko, instead go a kikijoko.   Size matters.  The alone argue you lot would ever call for to go ochoko is when you lot are measure your servings.  This is so that everyone drinking tin sack convey a peril to savour the sake.   Then, switch to earthenware or stoneware serving cups made from clay - guinomi.  Let the client experience the departure inward texture.   Another selection would live to go a freshly cutting pino masu - pocket-sized wooden box shaped drinking loving cup commonly made of freshly cutting wood.   The aromatics from the pino too the sake hit off a different impression too is rattling Japanese.   Lastly, I recommend using a amount bell-shaped vino drinking glass to savour the color too deep aromatics of the sake.   

Next, nosotros explicate the different classes of sake, making certain to  properly explicate Junmai-shu too Junmai Daiginjo-shu.  And, beingness careful to go words similar "pressed" instead of "filtered" when separating lees too the proper milling rates of sake.  Lactic acid too yeast too molds too what the differences are, so when customers enquire they'll convey the answers.   One thing I honor alongside bar owners is that they don't know anything most regionality.  When you lot serve sake you lot call for to explicate where the sake came from, who brewed it, too what unique regionality is attached to the sake too the region.   For example, Niigata  is famous for a type tabular array rice called ko-shi-hi-kari, too so explicate the differences betwixt a tabular array rice too a sake rice.  Instead, most bar owners serve sake too enquire airheaded questions similar "oishi desuka / is it good?" yawn.  Or, they but hold back at you lot too say stupid shit similar " wow, you lot must live Japanese!  Ohh, wow, you lot are great."    Sure, the Japanese are but trying to live polite, but most times they but become overboard too start to audio stupid donkey hell. 

I am writing this inward grooming for sake solar daytime on Oct 1st.   The brewing flavour officially starts on this day.  Of course, larger breweries brew all-year-round, but the traditional means has ever been Oct 1st.  There are other traditions related to the Kanji that also has significance to sake day, but that's also archaic too perhaps non so relevant.  Just know it's when all of the slap-up sake festivals start too when brewers start making sake.   Look for exciting events all over Japan, peculiarly inward Kyoto on Oct 1st too 2nd.   

Let's promise the bar staff gets it correct on delivering on sake lore, tradition, too brewing methodology.  For the unusual tourist welcome to Autumn.   Great brash too lively sake alongside delicious tumble foods is the best.   Expect to regard tons of novel poeple too mingle alongside sake enthusiast from all over the world.    October 1st is the similar the Mecca for sake inward Japan.  Expect me to live upward inward Niigata too around Tohoku savoring the lovely Jukujo too slap-up hot sake.   Look for "hiya-oroshi" brewed sake.  It's  sake that  is pasteurized 1 time but afterward brewing but released inward the tumble without the touchstone 2nd pasteurization -  this is the most autumnal of all sake styles.   Expect bold crisp too gamey flavors that accentuate autumnal beauty.  



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