Tokyo Tourist Map: How To fun and enjoy Explore Kamakura Business Office 3: Tokeiji 東慶寺


Why here?  Start alongside work 1 here

  1. You honey seasonal flowers similar the plum blossoms inwards February, Higan Cherry inwards March, Weeping ruby inwards April, Japanese Iris as well as hydrangea inwards June, Balloon bloom inwards July.  From September moonflower, Oct Japanese Anemone, as well as Nov Ginkgo as well as Japanese Gentian.
  2. You similar to accept classes inwards traditional Japanese culture, including Zen meditation sessions, lessons on sado, tea ceremony, kodo, the incense ceremony, as well as bloom arrangement.
  3. You desire to acquire how to write a sutra called "Shakyo."  
  4. If y'all similar stroll gardens alongside a elementary layout for slowly navigation.
  5. A lover of architectural beauty as well as thence you'll honey the pyramidal roof of the primary hall.

This temple is non similar Sugimotodera Temple, but to a greater extent than similar a sanctuary where women fled to inwards guild to intermission their marriage ceremony ties as well as could discovery refuge.   Famously called the "divorce temple."   When y'all walk along the temple grounds it does non experience similar a house of refuge, but to a greater extent than similar a bloom garden replete alongside priceless cultural artifacts inwards gilt as well as lacquer works.

Tokeiji is the type of house y'all watch afterwards luncheon merely to walk through as well as chat, non a house of meditation or reflection unless y'all are taking 1 of the tea courses I mentioned earlier.  This is alone a house of admiration, non reflection.   The alone affair Zen-like hither is the layout of the temple.     

The 2 principal deities are Shaka Nyorai as well as Suigetsu Kannon.    

If y'all lead keep a deep involvement Kodo, incense ceremony, or sashihana, roughly other sort of bloom organization as well as thence watch here.

Tokeiji is a house of learning as well as admiration - y'all come upwardly hither to learn.


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