Tokyo Tourist Map: How To fun and enjoy Bask Kamakura: Business Office 12 Kakuonji Temple 覚園寺

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Why watch here:

  1. You similar the report of ascetic Buddhism
  2. You desire to run across really rare artifacts similar the Black Jizo ( infant similar god).  You induce got to sign upwards for the tour which is conducted inwards Japanese as well as is l minutes long.   
  3. You desire to run across the Yakushi Trinity, as well as extremely rare artifact as well as beautiful.  
  4. You honey nature walks as well as don't demand heed a calorie-free excursion from Kamakura Station.
  5. Roads leading upwards to Kakuonji induce got a few soba houses, non restaurant, as well as thus it's similar you lot are eating at someones home.

Kakuonji every bit it is without the historical references is yet beautiful.   After leaving Kamakura-gu Shrine exactly caput dorsum towards the charabanc terminate as well as give-up the ghost along upwards the chief route almost a kilometer.  This temple is direct ahead.    The benches exactly beyond the gate you lot tin sit down as well as accept inwards the autumn leafage as well as the aromatics of nature along amongst the scents of worships inwards the shape of incense.    

This temple attracts a lot of elderly who are drawn to the ascetic nature of this temple's history.    Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 truthful prayer temple consecrated for the protection against the Mongolian the world forces who, yesteryear the way, failed twice inwards trying to accept the island(s) of Japan.    It was the divine air current that arose from the storms that was attributed to the devastation of the Mongolian Navies - non the kamikaze references depicted inwards WW2.

This temple has no bell at the alter.   Instead you lot induce got 1 giant jizo bead - prayer beads hanging from the trellises.   You line them downwards earlier you lot pray.   Remember, you lot NEVER clap your hands at a temple you lot merely seat your hands together as well as pray sincerely.   You may too desire to buy an incense stick as well as seat that into the incense holder to add together to the mood.    Then, accept the tour.   Even without cognition of the linguistic communication you'll yet larn something from the tour.  Your eyes volition move blessed.  


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