Tokyo Tourist Map: American Trophies

During the 19th century unusual nationals had lived inwards the best parts of Yokohama, upward  in the hills of Uchikoshi too Yamato, away from mutual Japanese folks.   The somebody of the acre was ruptured during this menses inwards Japanese history because of it.    

Foreigners brought amongst them their religion, their education, their national identity, too their language, too for no other argue but to colonize the minds of ignorant Japanese people.   The  idea of Christmas too Christian values are deeply intrenched inside the mindset of the Japanese, to a greater extent than hence than what they genuinely admit.  The most exciting identify on populace for Halloween is Shibuya inwards downtown Tokyo.   

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 century after Yokohama opened its  ports, the cultural landscape of the acre has undergone immense change.    The metropolis of Yokohama has its vibrancy, but its roots are  somehow lost inwards the gulag of the soul.   War guilt, shame, ignorance, too self loathing simply to holler a few. Then there's the denial of the past times which destroys the soul.

Black ships sailed through here
 Mishima Yukio’s famous new The Sailor Who Fell from Grace past times the Sea is laid to a greater extent than ofttimes than non inwards Yokohama.  The floor outlines the evolution of the city’s architecture through Western influence.   The birthplace of lawn tennis  in Nippon was inwards Yokohama.   

Mainstream Japanese aim to either emulate or appease the hordes of unusual indigents  and dignitaries because they somehow sanctify their creative endeavors to hold upward simply similar them, the foreigner.  Japan imports everything from close every country, too hence tries to reinvent, repackage, too marketplace the import every bit a Japanese innovation.  Port Hill Yokohama, Minato Mieru Park, too hence many other non-essential Japanese monuments too places of advert receive got been erected inwards abide by of Western influence.  

In return, foreigners took amongst them  Japanese brides too made them less Japanese past times destroying their soul.  The greatest prevarication is the denial of this split upward between' We Japanese' and' I am a Proud Japanese' because I espouse exterior of my race is i of the greatest contradictions inwards Japanese history.   When a 72 twelvemonth sometime Japanese homo embraces defeat, similar hence many have, too all piece disregarding the sacrifice of his ain brethren is i of the greatest travesties of the Japanese somebody inwards the history of this nation.

Yokohama is a showpiece metropolis too it is replete amongst everything a unusual national could want.   Home away from home, variety of similar Okinawa.   Sixty years afterward this all that’s left to show.   300 yen Lamb cutlets, fish & chips, too pretzels.  

Every year, inwards Nippon there’s a solar daytime called Culture Day, too it is held on Nov 3rd.   This solar daytime commemorates Japan’s mail state of war constitution.  The actual significance of Culture Day was for the Emperor Meiji, but was changed.  On this solar daytime you lot tin await to run into cultural exhibitions from all over Japan.   Foreign nationals volition ofttimes develop stalls to sell their ain national cuisines too clothes upward inwards their costumes too deport on similar it’s their national holiday.

I wasn’t hence keen on the event, although they did receive got hot Canis familiaris too yakitori, too I did aid myself, I was a piddling distraught at the lack of Japanese cultural exhibits inwards Yokohama.   Maybe at that topographic point was a costume parade somewhere inwards Yokohama.     I was expecting something along the lines of Japanese cooking demonstrations, or possibly fifty-fifty a martial arts demonstration.   Culture Day is a Japanese holiday.  

Maybe the historical references associated amongst Suribachi, or possibly fifty-fifty how the seasons tally good amongst Japanese tea too confectionary.  For me,  it’s  that fourth dimension of twelvemonth i time to a greater extent than when it’s fourth dimension to select on the hot sake too the oden( a broth soup amongst vegetables).  It's fourth dimension to ready the kotatsu( depression tabular array amongst a heating element).  It's fourth dimension to wearisome downwards too accept inwards all the autumn leaf too to savor inwards the changing of the seasons.  I saw none of that on this solar daytime inwards Yokohama.   The Japanese suribachi is called ' mortar & pestle' inwards English linguistic communication too ofttimes times pharmacies volition receive got this every bit their symbol.   It is a grinder.  I similar fresh sesame seeds the world downwards to a fine powder, too I similar adding that to sesame sauce to attain it that extra oomph, or to Japanese spinach for that extra added texture.   I saw none of that on this solar daytime inwards Yokohama.

Suribachi ware gets its holler from Iwo Jima’s Mount Suribachi a dormant volcano.   It is hither that hence many Japanese men died past times the manus of the States Marines during i of the most violent battles inwards state of war history.    Many American soldiers had died every bit well.  But, it is also hither where President Roosevelt tacitly  approved the dismemberment too brutality wrought upon the Japanese forces, fifty-fifty those that had surrendered.   

Interesting complaint here.  Japanese receive got ever been defendant of mutilating dead corpses, too inwards many instances taking them abode every bit state of war trophies.   But history tells a dissimilar tale, i that cannot hold upward denied.   American forces had mutilated hundreds of Japanese soldier, of whom many were all the same alive.   It wasn’t uncommon inwards 1944 to postal service fingers, noses, too fifty-fifty skulls dorsum abode every bit state of war trophies.   Nobody condemns America for such barbarism.

Suribashi Mountain

I am left all the same wondering what the significants of Culture Day genuinely means?   But i things for sure, it is non hither inwards Yokohama.   It is an American War Trophy.  

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