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Zenigata Sunae is an Edo Period sand sculpture on the isle of Ibukijima inwards the Inland Sea.

Best seen from the viewing platform on the pine-covered, 60m tall Kotohiki Hill, Zenigata Sunae is built inwards the shape of a traditional Japanese coin.

 Best seen from the viewing platform on the pino TokyoTouristMap: Zenigata Sunae

The sand sculpture is ninety meters due north to south,  120 meters westward to due east in addition to 345 meters inwards circumference.

It was built inwards 1633 inwards observe of a see past times Ikoma Takatoshi (1611-1659), the daimyo (feudal lord) of Sanuki (Takamatsu) in addition to the human being who began the structure of the beautiful Ritsurin Park inwards Takamatsu city on Shikoku.

The sand sculpture is repaired twice a yr inwards the restrict in addition to autumn.

Zenigata Sunae is illuminated over the New Year's Day holidays. Local folklore has it that anyone who views the sculpture volition Pb a life without fiscal worry.


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