Tokyo tourist map: Ims Edifice Fukuoka


The IMS (Inter Media Station) edifice inward Fukuoka is a multi-story shopping mall across from Tenjin Station in the pump of the city.

The IMS edifice is known for its spectacular, modernist architecture. The interior is separated into diverse "zones" including shopping, eating as well as fine art inward its xiv floors higher upward solid soil as well as 2 below.

The twelfth to 14th floors are the eating theatre as well as "relax" zone alongside a multifariousness of eateries to direct from: Asian, Italian, Japanese as well as Spanish.

The ninth to 11th floors are the "Hall & School Zone" alongside a branch of ECC, the English linguistic communication language school, a satellite utilisation of Kyushu Institute of Technology as well as diverse other learning centers.

The "Beauty & Life Support Zone" covers floors five to 8 alongside the Mitsubishi Estate Artium on the eighth floor.

The residual of the complex is dedicated to shopping as well as fashion inward the "Fashion as well as Life Style Zone." The eating theatre floor, alongside first-class views over Fukuoka, is opened upward from 11am-11pm alongside the shopping floors opened upward from 10am-8pm.

Tenjin 1-7-11
Fukuoka City
Fukuoka 810-0001
Tel: 092 733 2001


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