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Once upon a time, in that place was a monk who was the caput of a rattling famous temple. It was his surreptitious pleasance to quaff a particular appal of sweetness saccharide syrup inwards his somebody room, hidden fifty-fifty from his immature novice, Ikkyu. One twenty-four hours the monk had to leave of absence for an appointment. Anxious for his picayune treasure, he called Ikkyu together with said, "Ikkyu, I must larn out. Now y'all must never touching on or sense of savour what's inwards this jar. It is a rattling rigid poison, together with fifty-fifty a unmarried drib tin terminate kill you."

 in that place was a monk who was the caput of a rattling famous temple TokyoTouristMap: Ikkyu The Quick-Witted Novice

Ikkyu's curiosity was aroused past times his master's suspicious behavior, together with every bit shortly every bit the monk had left, Ikkyu rushed dorsum into the monk's room together with opened the lid of the jar. He dipped his finger into the viscid liquid together with licked it thoroughly. The "poison" was sweetness together with delicious! Ikkyu lost himself inwards devouring this wonderful treat, lick later on lick until the appal was completely empty.

Suddenly Ikkyu realized what problem he was in. "What am I going to create when the monk comes back! He'll hold out thus angry." But Ikkyu was a clever boy, together with a vivid consider shortly popped inwards to his head. "Yes! That's it!” he cried. He ran to a shelf together with picked upward the monk's finest bloom vase together with dashed it to the floor. He together with then roughshod to the flooring himself together with began sobbing pathetically.

When the monk saw his treasure scattered on the floor, he flew into a rage. "How many times get got I told y'all to hold out careful amongst this vase? Do y'all realize what you’ve done?"

"Yes, master," replied Ikkyu. "It is the worst affair I get got e'er done. How could I intermission your precious vase, fifty-fifty accidentally? I was thus ashamed that I decided to get got responsibleness together with kill myself amongst your poison. I ate it all, simply alas! I am non notwithstanding dead. I cannot fifty-fifty top properly. What shame!"

The monk, blind to Ikkyu's clever wit, could non resist such a heart-wrenching display of feeling. "Enough, Ikkyu, enough. You did non hateful to create it. I forgive you. Now, delight destination crying," said the monk helplessly.


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