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The Alley ("It's Time for Tea") is a tea cafe that opened inward Taiwan but iv years ago, inward 2013, as well as amongst a presence at in ane lawsuit inward 7 other countries, including Japan, where in that place are 5 branches, all inward Tokyo Japan.

 is a tea cafe that opened inward Taiwan but iv years agone TokyoTouristMap: The Alley Lu Jiao Xiang inward Shinjuku
The Alley Lu Jiao Xiang inward Lumine 1, Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan, Japan.

We visited the Alley cafe inward the Lumine 1 edifice inward Shinjuku on Sabbatum evening. In Japan, the chain is known every bit The Alley Lu Jiao Xiang, the Chinese characters for Lu Jiao Xiang important something similar "Deerhorn Street." The shop logo hence features a deer amongst prominent antlers.

We had seen The Alley Lu Jiao Xiang earlier - both hither as well as on Omotesando (where in that place is some other famous Taiwanese cafe: Ice Monster). We were drawn past times the watch of it beingness a tea cafe, every bit neither of us are big java drinkers, as well as past times its New Age cred, inward that everything, from the saccharide cane syrup, to the tapioca that features inward many brews, to the naturally roasted tea leaves, is supposedly "handmade," or at to the lowest degree prepared in-house or according to the store's stipulations.

Having tapioca inward tea is some other draw, for the novelty of it.

There was a pocket-sized queue at the trivial stand-up cafe that the Lumine Shinjuku branch is, as well as nosotros exclusively had to hold off a infinitesimal earlier nosotros were served.

 is a tea cafe that opened inward Taiwan but iv years agone TokyoTouristMap: The Alley Lu Jiao Xiang inward Shinjuku
 Tea-and-cocoa at The Alley Lu Jiao Xiang inward Lumine 1, Shinjuku (complete amongst trivial chocolate bear!)

The Alley Lu Jiao Xiang inward Lumine must last doing expert business, because in that place were no less than 5 people lined along the really little infinite behind the counter, working non-stop at preparing drinks, amongst ane at the terminate taking orders.

The card was fun to select from, divided into Tapioca Series, Milk Tea Series, Fresh Tea as well as THE ALLEY Specialties, as well as sporting brews amongst grand names similar Royal No.9 Tapioca Milk Tea, exotic names similar Jasmine Green Milk Tea, as well as romantic names similar In Love With Lemonway.

My partner went for the THE ALLEY Assam Tapioca Milk Tea as well as I for what was a especial of the day, a tea-and-cocoa mix. (It's deep wintertime inward Nippon - I wanted it hot! It was squeamish to know, though, that "mild-hot" is likewise available for those amongst a "cat's tongue" every bit the phrase goes inward Japanese.)

Conveniently, in that place was a trivial shop selling Japanese confectionery but across the aisle, as well as so nosotros bought a dyad of daifuku (a variety of o-mochi, or pounded rice, sugariness amongst azuki edible bean glue inside) acre waiting for our drinks to arrive. For a daifuku connoiseur I was impressed. They were knock-out delicious.

Our drinks arrived: generously sized L's for close 600 yen each, which makes The Alley Lu Jiao Xiang pretty expert value for coin compared amongst other hip cafes. My potable was good. It smelt as well as tasted just similar what it was: tea mixed amongst cocoa. My partner's potable had the novelty of tapioca, a outset for both of us. I had a few sips as well as really much enjoyed the silky sensation of the chewy globules of tapioca inward my mouth, as well as the tea it was purpose of tasted fine.

Our exclusively reservations were that the flavors were somewhat two-dimensional. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 potable tasting but similar its description is good as well as expert - for some 600 yen it for certain should. But for 600 yen, it should accept a litte extra: at to the lowest degree a hint of a "secret recipe" going on, something that non exclusively has you lot going "Mmm," but raising a pleasantly surprised eyebrow wondering what that "hidden" element, that intangible gustatory stimulus, mightiness be.

 is a tea cafe that opened inward Taiwan but iv years agone TokyoTouristMap: The Alley Lu Jiao Xiang inward Shinjuku
The trivial chocolate comport that came amongst my tea-and-cocoa - later I'd finished amongst him!
In taste-obsessed Japan, an overseas chain that has managed to larn 5 chains inward Tokyo Japan running at amount speed must last doing something right. But delivering what you lot variety of expected - as well as non a whiff to a greater extent than - is non a line organisation model I watch would cutting it.

The Lumine Shinjuku branch of The Alley Lu Jiao Xiang is on the B2 flooring of Lumine 1 (Nishi-Shinjuku 1-1-5), along from the South Exit of Shinjuku Station (across from Busta Shinjuku) as well as is opened upward from 8am to 10pm 365 days a year.


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