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You may live familiar amongst the discussion “aki” in Japanese every bit pregnant “fall, autumn,” only in that place is roughly other “aki” 飽きthat appears oft inwards Japanese conversation as well as writing that agency “sick of, tired of, bring plenty of, lose involvement in, instruct bored with.” The substantive aki means "boredness amongst something, beingness sick of something." The verb is akiru, every bit inwards “I’m sick of it already,” Moh akita.

The kanji for aki is made upward of 2 components, the radical, at the left, beingness the grapheme for “eat” 食 and the i on the correct beingness for “enclose, wrap” (originally a pictograph of a fetus inwards the womb). The persuasion beingness promoted hither is of beingness sated, overly plied, of curling upward inwards a ball as well as wanting it all to stop.

Hajimatte kara ma mo naku, eiga ni akita.
[I/he/she/they] got tired of the motion-picture exhibit soon later it began.

The personality trait of getting easily bored amongst things is referred to every bit akippoi.
Kare wa akippoi hito dakara tsukiainikui desu.
He gets easily bored as well as therefore is hard to keep a human relationship with.

There are several words as well as phrases worth knowing that include the kanji for akiru, which, past times the way, is pronounced hoh

For example, hohshoku, 飽食, the kanji for akiru as well as “to eat,” agency gluttony: feeding yourself till you lot are literally “fed up”.

hohman, 飽満, the kanji for akiru as well as for "repleteness," agency satiety or surfeit. 

hohwa 飽和, the kanji for akiru as well as "harmony," agency saturation, the persuasion beingness of things having reached the “all-is-well” betoken of “fed-up”ness.

Finally, there’s a yommoji-jukugo (a four-character idiom) that starts amongst today’s character:
包経風霜 hoh-kei-fuu-soh
which agency to live an quondam paw toughened past times life’s vicissitudes.
The 2nd character, kei, agency “to transcend through,” as well as is the kickoff grapheme inwards the discussion for “experience” (経験 keiken); so, hoh-kei hither agency “to bring actually had one’s produce amount of experience.” And fuu-soh are the characters for “wind” as well as “frost” respectively, every bit examples of the severity of the experiences the tough quondam aeroplane who has seen life as well as survived it has been through.

Kono posuto ni moh akinakattara ii ne! 

("I promise you lot haven’t gotten bored amongst this post service already!")


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