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Kusatsu, a cardinal postal service town inwards the Edo Period (1600-1868), is located on the cross roads of 2 of Japan's primary roads: the legendary Tokaido highway, linking Edo or Tokyo Japan to Kyoto in addition to Osaka along the Pacific Coast in addition to the Nakasendo linking Kyoto to Edo through the interior mountains.

Two primary inns called honjin, 2 sub-inns called waki honjin, in addition to lxx taverns were actively doing work concern inwards Kusatsu until the destination of Japan's feudal period, when railway shipping all of a abrupt made these highways obsolete overnight.

 is located on the cross roads of 2 of Nihon TokyoTouristMap: Kusatsu Yado Honjin

The Kusatsu Yado Honjin, directly a fantastically preserved museum, functioned equally an officially appointed inn for daimyo (feudal lords) inwards the Edo Period. It was designated a site of Japanese historical involvement inwards 1949, in addition to stands equally a superbly preserved tribute to the amazing craftsmanship of that era. The inn had close 300 rooms, i of which covered an amazing 268 tatami mats, all surrounded past times a high wall.

Since 1996, the inn's one-time gate, kitchen, tatami corridors, beautiful gardens, in addition to a release of its fabulous daimyo suites convey been opened upward to the public. This is a house every tourist volition desire to meet in addition to volition never forget: a jewel of gems from the Edo Period located less than an hr from Kyoto.

See what the Edo globe was all about, past times experiencing i of the Tokkaido highway's best preserved daimyo inns.

Kusatsu Juku (Information inwards Japanese, Chinese, Korean in addition to English)
2-8-1 Kusatsu
Shiga 525-0034
Tel: 077 561 6636

Hours: 9am-5pm (entry until 16:30), shut on Mondays, in addition to the twenty-four hours afterwards national holidays, in addition to Dec 28th-January 4th.

Entry: 240 yen (students 180 yen).

Located a 10-minute walk southeast of JR Kusatsu Station. (25 minutes past times shinkaisoku express, on the Biwako Line, from Kyoto Station, or 20 minutes from JR Yamashina Station via the Tozai tube line).


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