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Japanese Dolls The Fascinating World of Ningyo TokyoTouristMap: Japanese Dolls The Fascinating World of Ningyo
Japanese Dolls: The Fascinating World of Ningyo

past times Alan Scott Pate


ISBN: 978-0804849777
Hardback, 272 pp

Dolls, models - normally pocket-sized - of humans together with used past times children for play only besides used inwards magic together with religious ritual, seem to survive fairly universal together with are flora all over the the world together with engagement dorsum millennia. Collecting dolls is besides a widespread phenomenon non express to whatsoever geographic expanse or specific time, together with it is most the collecting of Japanese dolls that this volume begins.
With curt chapters on such things equally the starting fourth dimension Western collectors of ningyo, looking behind the scenes of a Meiji-era Japanese Doll Shop, etc. together with the volume ends amongst hints together with tips for those who may survive thinking most starting to collect Japanese dolls, including a listing of dealers around the the world who specialize inwards them, only the greatest role of the volume focuses on the dolls themselves.
Japanese Dolls: The Fascinating World of Ningyo covers 18 unlike styles of doll across 7 broad categories, together with spell in that place are enough of other types of Japanese doll, most amongst regional variations, it covers most of the types of doll you lot are probable to come upwards across. There are the obvious types such equally the dolls flora on display at Hina Matsuri, only besides several types of volume produced ceramic dolls together with the extremely unproblematic Kokeshi wooden dolls. Interestingly bunraku puppets are besides included equally are 2 types of karakuri ningyo,  mechanical dolls.
For me the most intriguing are the iki-ningyo, known equally "living dolls" which prove a realism that cannot survive surpassed together with are really miniature sculptures. For each trend of doll nosotros are given the origins of the trend together with its historical development, only to a greater extent than importantly perhaps, the context for the dolls, how they agree into the broader culture, the whys of their purpose etc.
More pregnant is flora inwards the costumes, the poses, the humans that the dolls are modeled on, leading us to a greater appreciation of whatsoever dolls nosotros may come upwards across. However the best argue for buying this volume are the photos, 400 of them, almost all total color, some whole page, together with all really detailed. This is most definitely a java tabular array volume that volition depict you lot inwards later on flipping a few pages. For anyone thinking most collecting Japanese dolls, this volume is a gilded mine, only anyone interested inwards Japanese fine art together with civilization volition detect enough to expand their knowledge.

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