Tokyo Tourist Map: Wintertime Treats: Sugariness Mochi Soup / 納言しるこ

When it gets mutual depression temperature approximately Japan, 1 of the virtually pop Japanese treats I honey to swallow is called, inward Japanese, "shiru-ko" a hot azuki edible bean soup served 2 dissimilar ways, pulpy or smooth. Azuki is a legume that originated inward the Himalayas over a k years agone together with has made its means all over asia until it reached Japan.

The smooth, or pureed version, has a mochi(sticky) rice cake inward it. This version for me is the best because you lot don't convey to spoon it out you lot tin simply drinkable it from the bowl. For those who've never tried this, it's sweet. I honey how it coats the oral fissure together with palate. In betwixt slurps I sip downward some greenish tea together with swallow a fermented pickle inward club to give the whole affair a prissy residuum betwixt sweet, bitter, together with sour season profiles.

Here inward Japan, shiroku tin live on purchased from vending machines for equally footling equally 100 yen. However, if you lot desire the existent authentic domicile sense of savour thus I tin recommend a fantastic eating theatre inward Kamakura, Yokohama called inward Japanese (Nango-shiru-koten). This is past times far the oldest together with virtually traditional eating theatre for making the best sugariness mochi soup. Most of the patrons are upwardly inward age, thus you lot know it's a local favorite. The service is warm together with excellent. Plenty of one-time decor together with good maintained, clean, nostalgic.


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