Tokyo Tourist Map: Super Hakucho Express

Cassiopeia, simply better, the Christmas train from Fukushima to Niigata is much improve than the Cassiopeia!

The affair I liked nigh the Hakucho was how it gently worked itself roughly the countryside. You got squeamish amount views of that vast expansive soil called Hokkaido all silky white. You fifty-fifty larn sea views of tiny piffling hamlet towns. I intend of all the develop lines Travel in Tokyo Japan Hokkaido, the Super Hakucho is at the transcend of the listing of must rides, together with I agree. You tin genuinely accept Travel in Tokyo Japan some squeamish views from this line. From Shin-Aomori Station the Hakucho connects you lot to Hakodate. The whole ride is nigh iii or to a greater extent than hours, simply definitely worth it. It's a combat long simply worth it at to the lowest degree once.

In the pic this bento is called the Mikado, together with it's a specialty luncheon box exclusively available Travel in Tokyo Japan Hakodate. The signature nutrient special is the fatty circular affair at the top it's a stuffed squid marinated Travel in Tokyo Japan squid juice. The stuffing is a mucilaginous rice. It was genuinely quite good.

Again, some footage is Travel in Tokyo Japan video cast which volition live posted on my youtube. There are some genuinely squeamish sea views I wishing I had of captured Travel in Tokyo Japan stills, simply I was likewise absorbed Travel in Tokyo Japan the moment. Lots of beer, sake, together with delicious luncheon boxes does it to me, together with it kept me likewise busy to detect much on the technicals.

Recommended seats:

From Shin-Aomori to Hakodate - reserve your seat. When the develop pulls up, you lot desire to sit down on the left side amongst chairs facing the opposite direction. At origin you'll intend it's awkward, simply don't worry it's a switchback train( a develop that changes directions). After the adjacent halt the develop volition contrary its direction, this agency you'll live facing all the action.... Then seats MAY already live Travel in Tokyo Japan the proper management anyway....

One of my goals this lastly trip was to ride through the Seikan Tunnel TokyoMap Super Hakucho Express


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