Tokyo Tourist Map: Tohoku Ganbaro!


I rode the amount length of the Tohoku Shinkansen trouble from Tokyo Station to Shin-Aomori Station. It took 3hrs as well as 20min., as well as from GranClass it was similar floating on air, ameliorate than air. I was gliding along inward a completely dissimilar realm of sensual realism as well as pleasance all combined into i cosmic orgasm. The matrimony of technology as well as years of sense created this bullet train. It is absolutely flawless inward every means through tunnels, non fifty-fifty a bump. I had my Canon 40D hanging from the coat hanger as well as non i time did it bump upwards against the side panel at all. It was the smoothest sense I produce got e'er had adjacent to having a virgin for the outset time. information technology was great! I was typing away on my twitter as well as enjoying every thought from my window. I got costless slippers, a tiffin box as well as a few other goodies. I bought my ain nihonshu as well as exceptional tiffin boxes. Walking to the mid department of the develop piece it's cruising at amount speed was easy. I didn't produce got to take in the seats on the means up. Exceptional client service, need I say more...?

Arriving at the Shin-Aomori Station, passengers speedily disembarked as well as rushed to the front end of the engine to snap photos of the olfactory organ of the Hayabusa! I constitute it difficult to larn out the Hayabusa behind. I wanted to ride it i to a greater extent than time. Once I got downstairs I solely had a few minutes to larn to the adjacent gate. From at that spot I was to produce got the Shirakami Resort trouble from Shin-Aomori Station all the means to Akita Sation, close a amount v hr stretch. Ladies as well as Gentlemen, of all the teary eyed develop ride docudramas on NHK, no develop trip tin challenger the Shirakami Line from Shin-Aomori to Akita inward the Spring! There's exactly nil out at that spot that tin fifty-fifty come upwards exactly about this line, except for peradventure Toyama's Kurobe develop trouble inward Autumn. On a beautiful vivid warm leap twenty-four hr menstruum the blood-red blossoms are exactly just awesome from the develop window.


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